Simulation Training

Simulation is an invaluable tool in ophthalmic training.

Here are some links to some accessories I regularly use for simulated clinical training*:

The pharmabotics skills board (for "dry lab" suture practice on skills boards).

The pharmabotics head (for animal eye fixation, to allow suture practice and wet lab simulation).

The Kitaro simulator (for dry and wet lab phaco simulation).

The VRmagic simulator (for dry lab simulation of phacoemulsification and vitrectomy procedures).

The Simulated Ocular Surgery System (for wet and dry lab simulation of many different types of surgery,including phacoemulsification, vitrectomy, sceral buckling, strabismus and glaucoma).

The Royal College of ophthalmologists runs various microsurgical skills courses.

* I do not have any commercial interest in any of these products