I am not particularly obsessed by iintellectual property issues and have simply copyrighted the material (under a creative commons license) as I was advised that failure to do so could result in other problems such as others doing so.

You are more than welcome to use material from the Eyelearning e-books in a number of ways to make your own presentations:

1. You can simply connect your mac or iPad to an overhead projector and you will have a ready made presentation - the page layout is designed to facilitate this.

2. You can capture slides on your iPad by pressing the menu and then the power/lock button. The images are of quite good quality and can easily be used as powerpoint slides or cropped in any photo editing programme.

3. You can open the pdf (preferably the higher quality version) on your computer and screen capture.

3. You can download the original videos and images from the vitreoretinal book here , from the open globe book here and from the phacoemulsification book here.

4. You can save the ibooks file to your dektop, in its own folder, then zip it (change the suffix to .zip) and then double click on this zip file to unzip it. This will produce a folder containing all the media in the book.

Making your own presentation